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​​Complimentary half hour telephone session
 Kay Burdis-Hunt
Life coaching focusses on you.  What do you want to achieve in life? What would you like to change? Maybe  you are a parent returning to work or a single parent. Looking for work life balance & greater fulfillment?  Perhaps you you are ex-miltary returning to civilian life, or feel that you lack confidence or motivation.  
We all have the ability to achieve change and as a psychological coach  I will use questioning and challenge techniques to enable you to uncover thoughts and beliefs that have been a barrier to success.  
I work from offices in Heathfield & Dorking. Evening and Saturday appointments available in Heathfield. Skype & phone coaching sessions available.
07415 66 30 30
01892 783 606 

Liz Butler - Occupational Therapist
'I have recently completed my coaching sessions with Kay Burdis-Hunt which focussed on pursuing a vocational dream I have had for a long time. I found the sessions extremely useful both in helping me to focus on what it was that I wanted to do and in challenging what was holding me back. Voicing your ideas to an unbiased person rather than just thinking them through really helps you to formulate a plan and take your initial steps. 
'Highly recommended.'

Client A.P - Company Chariman
'I initially chose to work with Kay regarding plotting a new direction with my business and ended up using my new found tools to help with my children who had experienced difficult times following my divorce. On the business side, I have now set a great positive course, (I was previously floundering) leading to my semi-retirement. I now have firm, but achievable goals. I know where I am heading and have a route planned on how to get there. I have a positive and excited attitude to my future and feel that a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The answers were there all the time, Kay helped me answer my own questions. I have used my new positive attitude sucessfully in dealing with the needs of my children. Thank you Kay.'

Client S.J. - Accounts Manager
 ' I was quite sceptical about life coaching but thought I'd give it a go. I have found that I am really thinking about how I think about things and colleagues and how I approach conflicts within my organisation.  Applying the simple stratagies Kay and I have discussed enabled me to look at situations from different perspectives. I can now achnowledge that I am not right all the time ! and that is ok...........I'm less stressed......... I'm meeting with Kay in the future to look at family conflict and my anxieties ...'